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m2 machines sean taylor

The Gearheads welcome Sean Taylor, Vice President of Product Development at M2 Machines for an evening of “small” talk and big passion for cars. We get geeky over details, and dig deep into a company that encourages customization of their collectible offerings.

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1964 Chevy truck known as White Trash sitting on the patio
Technically Speaking

Episode two of Project White Trash picks up with the truck being loaded up and brought home, and serving an eviction notice to some squatters and stowaways. Naturally, the bees and Black Widow spiders that have called the truck home for years don’t give up without putting up a fight. Once they’re gone, it’s time to steam clean the truck and get rid of hundreds of pounds of dirt and grease.

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Speed Week

The 2018 Bonneville Speed Week was one for the record books. Literally. The condition of the salt, along with the excellent weather were the perfect recipe for record breaking. The Gearheads break the results down here.

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