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power tour magnets for 2019 by Brian Stupski
BlogDusk 'Til Drawn

For the third year in a row, I have had the honor of creating the Long Haul Gang magnets given at each stop on the Hot Rod Power Tour. For 2019, I made it a personal mission to man the wheel on Creative Direction as well as producing the art, and at the risk of sounding like an overly-proud parent, this one raises the bar. Let’s tear into the artwork and see what makes it tick, and drop a few tips and tricks your way, too. I’m a giver.

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line weight masterclass
Dusk 'Til Drawn

When working on a drawing, little can create impact like line weight. From the most basic uses in describing weight, position in space or even highlighting a featured subject in your work to defining motion, the width of a simple stroke can do many things. I implement this thinking into each piece I create, right from the start, and today I’m throwing down a masterclass on the essentials and value of using line weight to carve out your own signature style.

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