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bob thrash episode 64 roud six podcast

The Gearheads finally sit down with Bob Thrash and talk graphics, builds, legendary cars, influences, taking chances and more. In keeping with the ongoing theme of “all things are delicately interconnected,” you’ll be shocked at the single person we can trace all current trends back to. And in a cheesy way.

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1934 Ford coupe at the 1992 NSRA Street Rod Nationals
Technically Speaking

The 1992 NSRA Street Rod Nationals in Louisville, Kentucky became one of the most memorable events in history, and not because of the car or spectator count. It was memorable because of a massive thunderstorm that hit the area and dumped nearly 5 inches of rain in just two hours, stranding hundreds of cars. Follow along as we talk about some of the issues that happened, the massive effort to get cars to higher ground, and the aftermath.

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