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The truck at the L.A. Roadster Show swap meet
BlogTechnically Speaking

This is the story of a long term truck project that that hung around while we raised a family and built our careers. It’s a series of highs and lows, from the excitement of the initial purchase to the difficult decision 27 years later to let it go. Instead of being sad story, it became a labor of love to get it ready to sell at the famous L.A. Roadster Show swap meet. It also became a satisfying one, being able to be a part of the excitement of when someone buys a truck they’ve always dreamed of.

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ET Super front wheel masked off and painted
Technically Speaking

In this episode of Project White Trash, the wheels are set in motion, literally. Alex agonizes over getting a wheel and tire combination that gives the truck that vintage vibe that he’s envisioning. After a lot of researching, he settles on a rare set of wheels with the proper width and backspace to fit the truck. The wheels have seen better days and are going to need some serious repair. Follow along as he turns a set of 5-spokes that were destined for the scrap pile into something that screams ’60s coolness.

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