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episode 45 chip foose carson lev

Chip Foose and Carson Lev join the Geargeads in the Round Six Experience at the 70th Grand National Roadster Show for a reunion of sorts. Having both been prior guests, conversation gets candid on topics like AMBR judging/builds, iconic projects like the Boydster and Hemisfear and more… We even head back to Cars Land.

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Child Bearing Hibbs

I was in the mini-truckin’ scene pretty heavily. I drove a convertible Isuzu pickup. Two 15’s in the bed under a hard tonneau with a “crawl through” and of course – mint green paint with peach scallops! Looking back it was a hack job, but MAN was I proud of it! Chicks loved it, cowboys hated it, so you know it was cool. I was hanging with my small circle of mini-truck friends at a show. We were kind of snickering (quietly) at a Ford Pinto that had been entered. Bone stock, horrid repaint (fresh paint, still fuming) and rainbow stickers poorly applied running from the headlight to tail light. We joked that the guy must have spent more on the $15 entry fee than the whole car. Danny sat and listened to us, never saying a word while we joked about it for several minutes like immature guys do…

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