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Dusk 'Til Drawn

Throwback Thursday and Brian suspends rational thought, and toys with the idea of creating a cool custom from an overlooked ride.The Nissan Cube isn’t exactly the first thing that pops into many peoples’ minds when asked “what late-model cars have some potential, custom-wise?” We can’t imagine that it enters most sane people’s minds for any reason, really. Yet, back in 2009, this was precisely what he was considering. You’re welcome.

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benchracing episode four pomona

Which of our American states places the greatest amount of rake into their hot rod grille shells? What really happens on set-up day when chasing the AMBR trophy? And what popular gas station probably won’t be sponsoring any of us following a suggestion to use their hamburgers as shop tools? The answers to these and many other VERY IMPORTANT QUESTIONS are to be discovered when the Round Six Gearheads are joined for a fun evening of benchracing and laughs with the Veazie brothers from So-Cal Speed Shop in Pomona. Enjoy a pre-GNRS thrash break with the guys in episode four.

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chapouris memory cruise
BlogIt's Good to be the King

In honor of his father’s passing, Pete Chapouris IV organized a memorial cruise which took place on January 6, 2017. Round Six’s Alex and Brad took part and share their experience, giving some insight to the man and his incredible contributions to the hod rodding world.

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vlog socal
It's Good to be the King

Brad takes his vlog on the road to SoCal Speed Shop, where he shows you around a bit, and even takes tou on a very rare trek into the fabled inner sanctum…

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