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brian lohnes full episode round six

On episode thirty-seven, the Gearheads welcome Brian Lohnes, the voice of NHRA Drag Racing, host of “Put Up or Shut Up,” and one of the minds behind! If you enjoy room temperature shrimp, dermatological maladies and Moon landing conspiracies, well we’ve got those and a whole lot more for for you.

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laid to rest at bonneville
It's Good to be the King

Three years ago, Roger Hickey lost his dad Harry. Wishing to offer a proper send-off for the man who so inspired him, Roger orchestrated a plan to properly lay his father to rest. In doing so, there was not only a fitting tribute, but a world record as well.

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camaro mistress suzy
BlogGuest Blog

Not only does a woman (regardless of her age) driving a classic Camaro get a lot of attention, it also gives her instant credibility with the racing community. Hauling the mail around a track in 3,000 pounds of steel with a non-compliant Super T-10 four speed, isn’t exactly lady-like. Suddenly my weekends were filled with friends, laughter and camaraderie. No longer was I ‘Rodney’s wife, who brought the salad’, I was Suzy the co-driver of the white Camaro.

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