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1964 Chevy C10 front 3/4 shot
Technically Speaking

Project White Trash gets its rear axle narrowed to fit the ET Super wheels that were restored in the previous episode. Alex also bends up new rear brake lines and decides on the ride height. Once that gets determined, the truck finally comes off of the jack stands and gets back on it’s wheels for the first time in a long while.

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SEMA weird

Brian, Brad and Alex stay in for episode twenty-six and talk SEMA Show preview previews, streamliner project PR disasters, Alex’s 1964 Chevy C-10 project, kit cars and chocolate diamonds. It was just that kind of a night. Hilarity ensues with the Salt-O-Masochist and a celebrity-themed steering product development idea gone incredibly sideways. You’re welcome.

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1964 Chevy truck known as White Trash sitting on the patio
Technically Speaking

Episode two of Project White Trash picks up with the truck being loaded up and brought home, and serving an eviction notice to some squatters and stowaways. Naturally, the bees and Black Widow spiders that have called the truck home for years don’t give up without putting up a fight. Once they’re gone, it’s time to steam clean the truck and get rid of hundreds of pounds of dirt and grease.

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camino royale
It's Good to be the King

Being a custom painter for the last 25+ years kind of helped when I was taking a basic, somewhat clean ’72 El Camino that belonged to my Dad and built him a pretty wild hot rod and lied to him about the WHOLE project. It was a lot of work over a period of 4 years but it’s been fun watching the world’s oldest 15 year old have fun!

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NewsSEMA Show 2018

Our good friends over at Cotati Speed Shop have been banging away at this killer 1968 All Wheel Drive Camaro project, and it can be seen this weekend in Pomona at the Grand National Roadster Show. Hear this bad-boy roar from the comfort of your chair…

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camaro mistress suzy
BlogGuest Blog

Not only does a woman (regardless of her age) driving a classic Camaro get a lot of attention, it also gives her instant credibility with the racing community. Hauling the mail around a track in 3,000 pounds of steel with a non-compliant Super T-10 four speed, isn’t exactly lady-like. Suddenly my weekends were filled with friends, laughter and camaraderie. No longer was I ‘Rodney’s wife, who brought the salad’, I was Suzy the co-driver of the white Camaro.

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miles per smiles
Dusk 'Til Drawn

Being a bit of an engineering-minded car geek, I like to tinker. However, with respect to having a warranty, I needed to restrict my tinkering to either factory-approved mods and pieces, or just throw all of that payment-offsetting goodness when it comes to repairs. Playing the grown-up, I opted for the former over the latter, and developed a cold air intake solution using budget-friendly, mostly factory parts. Follow along with long-term Project Life Partner, my ’16 Challenger R/T.

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