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bob thrash episode 64 roud six podcast

The Gearheads finally sit down with Bob Thrash and talk graphics, builds, legendary cars, influences, taking chances and more. In keeping with the ongoing theme of “all things are delicately interconnected,” you’ll be shocked at the single person we can trace all current trends back to. And in a cheesy way.

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Off-road Aztec
He Who Del't It

Until bears start using lock picks or bump keys, I feel safer not being in the equivalent of a sandwich bag.
When you hear the word Aztec, you think of a beautiful, ancient and powerful civilization ripe with culture and riches. However, when you hear the name Pontiac Aztek, you can’t help but think of a fugly old wheezing heap ripe with PBR cans and someone’s stained underwear. We can fix that.

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