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episode 74 global hot rod ambassadors

It’s an international episode seventy-four as the Gearheads are joined in The Round Six Experience at the Grand National Roadster Show by Jay Rushforth and Mike Keller to discuss their recent trip to Saudi Arabia and the Riyadh Auto Salon. Get the inside scoop on being hot rod ambassadors, what really went down with the dirty and damaged cars, and what it’s like to be American in the Middle East.

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Our pal (and former guest) Jay Rushforth drops a quick look at his experience with Mike Keller at the 2019 Global Auto Salon in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia this past November. This builds on our episode about the trip, and offers some great photos from the experience as well. You’ve read the social media posts about it from those who weren’t there, now get the lowdown from someone who was.

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