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bert quimby episode fifty nine artwork

The Gearheads head back to the circus… Circus Paint, that is, as they travel down memory lane with Bert Quimby, and find it lined with famous funny cars. The master graphics and lettering ace sits down to talk paint, trends and even vinyl wraps. A fun episode that’s loaded with history and covered in gold leaf.

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custom boat
It's Good to be the KingVideos

Round Six’s brad takes you on a teaser tour, featuring many beautiful custom boat projects over at Billy B’s in Needles, California. Get a peek around the shop and see a bunch of powerful engines, eye-popping paint work and just general bad-assery.

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brad letters a squareback
BlogIt's Good to be the King

Brad letters a 1967 VW Squareback for a client, and brings you along, all time lapse-style…

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