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matt hay pro-street episode 54

Matt Hay, one half of the dynamic Matt and Debbie Hay duo of Pro-Street royalty drops into the studio to talk about the old days, the new days and working as the precision driver stand-in for Chance the Rapper in a Super Bowl commercial. And perhaps some other stuff, too. OK, lots of other stuff.

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Chip Foose SEMA best paint
Group BlogSEMA Show 2018

The Round Six crew makes the most of a great opportunity when they are granted All Access passes to SEMA, which leads to them being a part of a very special event. Every year, Chip Foose judges the BASF Glasurit Best Paint Award at SEMA. This year, his agent, Carson Lev asked Round Six to video the event for Chip’s YouTube channel. Tag along as the Round Six team recollects the events of the night as Chip rolls through the empty SEMA show floor and gives all a Master Class in automotive styling in the process.

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yezzi indy tribute sema 2018
Dusk 'Til DrawnSEMA Show 2018

The Round Six Podcast is taking you deep inside of SEMA Show 2018. We’re also taking you deep beneath the cover of some of the coolest vehicles making their debut on the show floor with exclusive build and behind-the-scenes coverage. We have access to build pics, stories, interviews and more, like this 1976 GMC Indy tribute truck by Joe Yezzi. See it first right here!

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speedkore charger sema 2018
SEMA Show 2018Technically Speaking

The Speedkore 1970 Charger, known as Evolution, shows the culmination of ideas and technology that put them on the industry map as one of the premier custom builders in the country. With a body made nearly completely out of carbon fiber, a high horsepower Hemi, and an impeccable attention to detail showing high quality craftsmanship, the Evolution Charger is sure to turn the automotive world on it’s head when it debuts at the SEMA show in 2018.

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iron curtain
Unsung Heroes of Motorsport

In this second chapter of the Round Six series, “The Unsung Heroes of Motorsport,” Alex and Brian go behind the Iron Curtain with Grzegorz Zdzieszkocziewninski. Spotting his work on race day would be a breeze, but few outside of the fold would recognize how deep of a crease it has left on loads of drivers. Still, he’s not the sort to get steamed over it, he simply presses on. Meet the starched sultan of speedway signals, and learn how he went from folding overcoats to the pole position.

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Technically Speaking

Growing up in Louisville, Kentucky, the month of May is a special time.  The Memorial Day holiday comes at a perfect time when you’re a kid.  It signifies the end of the school year, the official opening of the public swimming pools, and the Indy 500.  Louisville is a bit of a sports-crazed

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