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Strope steve strope full episode 29

Episode twenty-nine brings it all your way, courtesy of the very vocal and always insightful and entertaining Steve Strope of Pure Vision Design in Simi Valley, California. The guys talk vintage BMX bikes, bass guitar, reality TV and more. We get into the SEMA Show talk, Joe Rogan’s Nova and even a bit of serious health and family discussion, and learn a lot form a very driven and passionate designer and builder. If you’re looking for the ultimate kick in the pants to go and do your thing, this is your episode. Especially if you wear a man bun.

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Group Blog

The Gearheads offer their expanded thoughts and opinions on the topic of the Street Machine of the Year award, as well as the state of the hobby in general. Building from the eighth episode of the podcast, it’s a brief yet insightful look on where we are, and where the whole thing is headed, street machine-wise.

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