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Dusk 'Til Drawn

I’ve had this shred of paper hanging over my desk for as long as I can recall, and the words on it have always proven true: “All things are delicately interconnected.”

I was but a toddler when Steve Lisk’s brutal ’71 Hemi-powered Challenger (it was originally a 383 car) prowled Woodward Avenue, yet that car carved a place into the foundation of my car guy-ness. And forty years later, it reenters my world. All things are delicately interconnected indeed.

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He Who Del't It

I hear all of the time that people are “doing it the traditional way”. No, you’re building an unsafe artcar. What people fail to realize with this Ratrod movement is, the hot rodders “back in the day” concentrated on the mechanics first and would get to the aesthetics as time and money allowed. They wanted nice looking cars, not rolling outhouses.

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lowered and flamed
BlogIt's Good to be the King

Everything I’ve ever built had to have a certain “look” by having the front a little lower and ALWAYS staggered front to rear tire sizes (because you can’t rotate cool!) and drive nice. Sitting level with even size tires is just too boring (plus a true car guy would NEVER rotate tires) for me and my fellow motorheads know exactly what I’m talking about.

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BlogChild Bearing Hibbs

You have a great item (hot rod, race car, vintage parts, pet turtle) for sale. You’ve taken adequate detailed pictures to show all features and any possible defects. You’ve written an accurate description and priced it fairly. You’re ready for the inevitable negotiation. Now let the serious buyers come running,

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