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2019 Detroit Autorama Pontiac Acadian by JF Kustoms
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Ryan Thompson attends the 2019 Detroit Autorama at Cobo Hall and gives his honest review of the show. Most notably, his commentary about the Great 8 contenders indicates that the show’s dynamic seems to be changing. The turnout and quality of the cars downstairs was a little light this year compared to year’s past, but the builders and spectators that attended this year’s Autorama didn’t seem to mind. When you get that many of your hot rod friends together in one place, you can’t help but have a great time!

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1964 Chevy truck, suspension removed
Technically Speaking

Part four of Project White Trash deals with upgrading the front suspension from 8-lug to 5-lug using a donor 1979 Chevy Suburban. The modification is very inexpensive and easy to do, and is a great option for anyone building a 1960 to 1966 Chevy or GMC truck on a budget.

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rob ida full episode list round six podcast

Episode fourteen goes all over the place from Hemi-powered Healeys to concours-level Tucker automobiles with the prolific, super-talented and even nicer still Rob Ida. It’s a fun walk down mmory lane and heads straight through the present day and into the future, too. Also there may have been talk of a game show. It’s that kind of episode, naturally.

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gasser,club de mer,cartoon
He Who Del't It

One of three things is probably happening about now: One, you’re curled up in the corner, rocking back and forth and mumbling something akin to, “Mommy, stop the bad man from hitting me with his words!” Two, the sudden gasp and spike in blood pressure has produced a pink froth in the corner of your mouth while you b*tchslap the keyboard like it owes you money as you wish death and pestilence on my manhood.

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