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jonathan goolsby episode 60

THE Jonathan Goolsby of Goolsby Customs drops by to help celebrate sixty episodes of The Round Six Podcast, and the Gearheads get all sidetracked in the best manner possible. Talk runs from SEMA Show-stopping Dusters to third-gen Camaros…. to, well, the infamous teddy bear wheel. We’re not sorry.

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delicately interconnected
Dusk 'Til Drawn

It was the car guy equivalent of having that friend stop by and immediately locate the missing half-inch socket that you’d been searching for hours to find. My belief that “all things are delicately interconnected” was vindicated once again, via a man I will never have the pleasure of shaking hands with on this Earth. His tragic loss of life would, some fourteen years later, play a part in giving me a fresh perspective on something. All through a few words typed onto a laminated card attached to a flag pole in a park.

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