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jimi day full list episode 30

With Brad out on a super-secret, pre-SEMA Show mission, Alex and Brian discuss the performance enthusiast industry and signature automotive events with Jimi Day. As one of the founders of FM3 Performance Marketing, Jimi is an experiential marketer, meaning that he and his team provide not just an event, but a targeted experience for the attendees and participants. The guys dig into what all of that means, the life of an escort card distributor in Vegas, and Brian’s pitch for the Altamont of car events.

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Technically Speaking

Have you ever owned a “normal” vehicle that had a special place in your heart? Most of the time, these vehicles are the ones that are the least valuable and the least exciting. It’s like going to the dog pound and rescuing the best dog you’ll ever own. Maybe it’s Grandpa’s old farm truck, Aunt Joan’s 4-door Valiant, or that beat-up Chevy Sprint that got you through college. Whatever it may be, these vehicles didn’t win your heart by their looks. They did it by providing you with experiences that stayed with you for the rest of your life.

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