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copyright episode 39

The Gearheads dive deep into the dark art and science of Copyright, Trademark and Intellectual Property for artists with good friend, mentor and industry expert Carson Lev. The first in a series, we’ll get you up to speed on protecting your work and establishing your brand and protecting each using real-world case studies and experience.

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Technically Speaking

Something happens to all of us hotrodders every January. Once the buzz of the Holidays are over, we all go through the Winter Blues. There a lot of reasons in play that add to this holiday hangover. First of all, it’s usually cold outside. It could be that you spent a little too much on gifts and you’re trying to get your finances back in order. Maybe the looming April 15th tax deadline hit home when your 2017 W-2 just showed up in the mail and you’re certain that you owe the IRS. You probably over-indulged on the cookies and eggnog and you just can’t seem to separate yourself from the comfortable confines of your couch. Your hot rod project is being neglected, but don’t let it get you down. Round Six is here to help!

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