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1964 Chevy truck, suspension removed
Technically Speaking

Part four of Project White Trash deals with upgrading the front suspension from 8-lug to 5-lug using a donor 1979 Chevy Suburban. The modification is very inexpensive and easy to do, and is a great option for anyone building a 1960 to 1966 Chevy or GMC truck on a budget.

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Child Bearing Hibbs

I was in the mini-truckin’ scene pretty heavily. I drove a convertible Isuzu pickup. Two 15’s in the bed under a hard tonneau with a “crawl through” and of course – mint green paint with peach scallops! Looking back it was a hack job, but MAN was I proud of it! Chicks loved it, cowboys hated it, so you know it was cool. I was hanging with my small circle of mini-truck friends at a show. We were kind of snickering (quietly) at a Ford Pinto that had been entered. Bone stock, horrid repaint (fresh paint, still fuming) and rainbow stickers poorly applied running from the headlight to tail light. We joked that the guy must have spent more on the $15 entry fee than the whole car. Danny sat and listened to us, never saying a word while we joked about it for several minutes like immature guys do…

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miles per smiles
Dusk 'Til Drawn

Being a bit of an engineering-minded car geek, I like to tinker. However, with respect to having a warranty, I needed to restrict my tinkering to either factory-approved mods and pieces, or just throw all of that payment-offsetting goodness when it comes to repairs. Playing the grown-up, I opted for the former over the latter, and developed a cold air intake solution using budget-friendly, mostly factory parts. Follow along with long-term Project Life Partner, my ’16 Challenger R/T.

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