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Our good friend, mentor and guide in the industry, Carson Lev, shares a very candid tale of his experience with prostate cancer. Having been tested at the Cruisin’ for a Cure car show, he was one of the fortunate to have been detected early, and receive life-saving surgery and treatment. Join us for that and some other amazing stories on this special edition of the Round Six Podcast!

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I am a lucky guy, luckier than I should be. But it really isn’t luck, it’s being blessed. It’s just easier for people to think of it as just luck, removing all the religion stuff. If you’re lucky, you don’t have to pay anybody back. It is very obvious to me, and hopefully to you as well, after reading this. It truly IS blessings, and I have only one person and a car show to thank. We’ll call it what it is and move on.

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