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matt hay and the pink t-bird

In the second episode of our Stories N’ Steel series over on YouTube, Brad and Brian head over to Matt and Debbie Hays’ place for a warm afternoon of talking cars. We cover the T-Bird, the Doritos commercial, Carroll Shelby and more, and even cruise the neighborhood with an Indy car! Join us for an epic and insightful time right here…

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dan gurney
Technically Speaking

Even at 12 yrs old, I already knew that I wasn’t going to grow up and be a stick and ball professional athlete. No way. I wanted to be a professional race car driver. I wanted to be Dan Gurney. If you would have asked me who my heroes were, I would have said, “A.J. Foyt, Mario Andretti, Don Garlits, Don Prudhomme, and Dan Gurney”. I was a gear head, but among my friends, I was a bit of an anomaly. They could quote stats consisting of their hero’s batting averages, steals, and touchdown passes. I could rattle off elapsed times, top speeds, and the names of everyone in the first three rows of last year’s Indy 500.

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