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In Episode Five, we are graced with the presence of Suzy Bauter, who was the talk of the 2017 SEMA Show with her killer Rambler wagon. A rich history of cool cars, hot rodding and autocross are but the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this PR and Social Media Marketing madwoman. It all goes delightfully sideways, but finds some incredible traction in a discussion about surfboards for incredibly large people. Truly a fun time, and a great look into the exciting sport of Autocross. All of this, and Brian sings, too!

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NewsSEMA Show 2018

Our good friends over at Cotati Speed Shop have been banging away at this killer 1968 All Wheel Drive Camaro project, and it can be seen this weekend in Pomona at the Grand National Roadster Show. Hear this bad-boy roar from the comfort of your chair…

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BlogGuest Blog

Not only does a woman (regardless of her age) driving a classic Camaro get a lot of attention, it also gives her instant credibility with the racing community. Hauling the mail around a track in 3,000 pounds of steel with a non-compliant Super T-10 four speed, isn’t exactly lady-like. Suddenly my weekends were filled with friends, laughter and camaraderie. No longer was I ‘Rodney’s wife, who brought the salad’, I was Suzy the co-driver of the white Camaro.

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Dusk 'Til DrawnSEMA Show 2018

A peek at the process involved in the creation of the Big Red Camaro SEMA poster, from loose sketch to final detailed illustration, Round Six’s Brian takes you inside of his head, and shares a ton of tricks, tips and deep into some personal history.

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BlogTechnically Speaking

It may sound odd, but I had a 30 year period in my life where I was terrified to go on a road trip. Sure, I could do a “One Tank” Las Vegas or a Phoenix trip without any hesitation at all, but a LONG road trip? No way, dude. For that three decade segment of my life, I just flat refused to do it.

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