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The Gearheads sit and chat with world-famous custom painter Billy B, and the episode goes delightfully sideways as usual. Big laughs, a serious look at humble beginnings, and a horribly inappropriate intro rivaled only by an acronym so filthy that we locked it in a subterranean vault. Then burned it.

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It's Good to be the KingVideos

Round Six’s brad takes you on a teaser tour, featuring many beautiful custom boat projects over at Billy B’s in Needles, California. Get a peek around the shop and see a bunch of powerful engines, eye-popping paint work and just general bad-assery.

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BlogIt's Good to be the KingVideos

On a beautiful Saturday in the middle of September, world famous custom painter Billy B and the group at Pirates Cove Resort put together another amazing boat show. If you’re a huge fan of brightly painted, over powered and really loud boats that are less than 25 feet long, this is a show you really don’t want to miss. Round Six’s Brad got them all on video for you to enjoy.

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