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200 MPH Club full episode

Mike LeFevers, the man behind Mitech Racing Engines and a life member of the Bonneville 200 MPH Club joins the Gearheads on episode twenty-seven to talk 300 MPH Firebirds, a Crown Victoria without brakes, and land speed racing as a family hobby. Having been the Engine Development Director at Carroll Shelby Enterprises and cutting his teeth at Gale Banks Engineering, he knows a thing or two about muffler selection and butt dyno myths. Yeah, we had to ask.

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camino royale
It's Good to be the King

Being a custom painter for the last 25+ years kind of helped when I was taking a basic, somewhat clean ’72 El Camino that belonged to my Dad and built him a pretty wild hot rod and lied to him about the WHOLE project. It was a lot of work over a period of 4 years but it’s been fun watching the world’s oldest 15 year old have fun!

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