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copyright episode 39

The Gearheads dive deep into the dark art and science of Copyright, Trademark and Intellectual Property for artists with good friend, mentor and industry expert Carson Lev. The first in a series, we’ll get you up to speed on protecting your work and establishing your brand and protecting each using real-world case studies and experience.

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line weight masterclass
Dusk 'Til Drawn

When working on a drawing, little can create impact like line weight. From the most basic uses in describing weight, position in space or even highlighting a featured subject in your work to defining motion, the width of a simple stroke can do many things. I implement this thinking into each piece I create, right from the start, and today I’m throwing down a masterclass on the essentials and value of using line weight to carve out your own signature style.

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x-box 1955 chevy
BlogDusk 'Til Drawn

The best advice when starting a big project would be to bring on an experienced designer to help guide you along. As a professional hot rod and custom car designer with over twenty years experience in the auto industry (from parts and service to body repair/customization and after-market accessories), as well as training in design and fine art, I’m here to offer some advice on taking those first steps.

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