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Pinstripe Chris full episode round six

It’s the triumphant return of the Pirate and Turtle as the Gearheads spend some time taking art, cars and taking major life risks to chase a dream in the automotive industry with Chris Dunlop, aka “Pinstripe Chris.” Truly a man wise beyond his years, it’s an episode that any artist, fresh or established will find invaluable in terms of shared experience and advice.

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Dusk 'Til Drawn

No presets, meshes or brushes, just paths and pen tool. There’s a lot to be said for using the basic tools, and I find it to be a very Zen experience; it becomes the art of massaging your brain while working. It can get tedious, but the key is in finding a rhythm, wherein you can alternate between left and right brain, solving little design and engineering issues as you make everything look “right” or “cool.”

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