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stories n' steel amazon prime series

The Gearheads behind The Round Six Podcast are proud to introduce their new Amazon Prime Video Series, Stories N’ Steel, debuting this Black Friday as a part of the Auto Revolution network. Get the lowdown here.

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alex welsh episode 68

Sixty-eight episodes (sixty-seven regular plus a bonus one) in and we haven’t been properly introduced. That said, learn all about Alex in this one. Don’t like him? There’s also Camaros and soup and Wiford Brimley. You could probably listen and not even gather what this is about anyway, so it’s all good. And mostly Alex. Grab some oatmeal and enjoy.

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The Round Six booth, 2019 GNRS
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After a very successful SEMA show, the Round Six team decides to attend the 2019 Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona, California. What starts out as a simple plan gets sent into hyperspace when they decide to turn the knob up to 11. In a two and a half week period, they design and assemble an incredible display that serves as their podcast command post for what becomes an extremely successful show.

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