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alex welsh episode 68

Sixty-eight episodes (sixty-seven regular plus a bonus one) in and we haven’t been properly introduced. That said, learn all about Alex in this one. Don’t like him? There’s also Camaros and soup and Wiford Brimley. You could probably listen and not even gather what this is about anyway, so it’s all good. And mostly Alex. Grab some oatmeal and enjoy.

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Bruce Peterson
Technically Speaking

Each week, a popular TV show opened with the actual NASA footage of the aircraft crash that critically injures Colonel Austin. Every young fan of the show could quote the words that played out during beginning of each show. As a 10 year old kid, I would never have guessed that my paths would later cross with the guy who was actually piloting the aircraft in that famous NASA video. That’s right, I worked with the REAL Six Million Dollar Man, Bruce Peterson.

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BlogTechnically Speaking

It may sound odd, but I had a 30 year period in my life where I was terrified to go on a road trip. Sure, I could do a “One Tank” Las Vegas or a Phoenix trip without any hesitation at all, but a LONG road trip? No way, dude. For that three decade segment of my life, I just flat refused to do it.

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