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Steve Strope Cutlass
It's Good to be the KingSEMA Show 2018

Steve Strope of Pure Vision Design decided he needed to build a cool daily driver, but he wanted something different. He wanted something that would stand out while still being just a bit subdued. He finds a solid 1964 Cutlass sitting in front of a local Yamaha dealership and buys it. Once it gets into the shop, he and his team begin the process of building a very simple, reliable combination with a few slick tricks and an incredible amount of attention to detail.

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dad 1950 ford
Child Bearing Hibbs

Round Six’s Eric continues his great story about working on his late Father’s beloved 1950 Ford Shoebox. In this installment, the Shoebox gets it’s engine rebuilt and running. Unfortunately, things don’t go as planned, and Eric is at a crossroads. Do I keep the finicky flathead or do I go with a different, more reliable drive train? Each choice has it’s pros and cons, and Eric is left with the daunting question, “What would Dad do in this situation?”

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