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Dusk 'Til DrawnSEMA Show 2018

For SEMA 2018, Chip Foose brings a 1957 Chevrolet convertible done in a “restomod” style, with an extreme attention to detail and the perfect color choice. The car has the perfect blend of strength, reliability, and performance while still maintaining it’s iconic style that makes the 1957 Chevrolet one of the most recognizable automobiles in history.

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Chrysler Norseman
Technically Speaking

When I get exiled from the living room, I either go out to the garage and tinker on the hot rods or grab something to read. On one particular night last week, the garage was too cold to paint the parts I was working on. I went back into the house to my mini-library of all of my car books and picked out one on Concept Cars. I had read this particular book many times before, but there’s one car in that book that has always intrigued the heck out of me. It’s the 1956 Chrysler Norseman.

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business card
Dusk 'Til Drawn

There exists something magical in working with your hands, tackling a task, and finally seeing through to completion.

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