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SEMA Show 2017 Daily Livecasts

Pre- and post-show livecasts by the Round Six Gearheads in Las Vegas.

Tuesday pre-show:

Round Six Podcast Live Stream: SEMA Show 2017 Day One

The Round Six Podcast gearheads hit Las Vegas for SEMA Show 2017, and take it upon themselves to have a morning round table (actually “rectangle table”) prior to hitting the road from our way-cool rental digs.

Tuesday wrap-up:

Round Six SEMA Show 2017 Day One Wrap-Up

The Round Six Gearheads wrap up Tuesday at the 2017 SEMA Show from their secret lair, just blocks from the Strip.

Wednesday wrap-up:

SEMA Show 2017 Wednesday Late-Night

The Round Six Gearheads sit and wrap-up an interesting day at the SEMA Show 2017 from their secret lair, just blocks from the fabled Las Vegas Strip, and talk cars, crowds and good times. Be sure to check out our website for full podcast episodes, blogs, and more here:

Thursday pre-show:

SEMA 2017 Thursday Pre-Show

Thursday Morning pre-SEMA, and the Round Six Gearheads sit and discuss the upcoming day, accomplishments thus far at the show, and most importantly, the cereal situation at command central in Vegas.

Thursday wrap-up:

SEMA Show 2017 Thursday Wrap-Up

The Gearheads wrap up Thursday at the SEMA Show 2017, and welcome special guests Sam Castronova and Rob Beasley. It’s a fun, light-hearted look at some of our favorite cars from the show, opinions, and sleep-deprived laughter, filmed at our secret hideaway just blocks from the Vegas Strip.

The Infamous Escort Card Go Fish Game

Leaving the SEMA Show each day, the Gearheads experienced that age-old Vegas tradition of being accosted by those guys who hand you little card for escort services. Rather than be impolite, we collected enough of them to craft TWO FULL DECKS of improvised playing cards.

…and then we played “Go Fish.”

You’re welcome.

Go Trash: Repurposing THOSE Cards in Vegas

If you’ve ever been to the SEMA show or even just Vegas, you’ve seen these cards passed out at every corner. Someone in our group (who shall remain nameless at the moment) thought of a great card game using those very same cards and we decided to record it.