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63: Joe Yezzi


62: Ziggy Sadler


61: Art Alvarez


60: Jonathan Goolsby


59: Bert Quimby


58: Elana Scherr


57: Delmo


56: Jimmy Shine


55: Doug Jerger and Tim Benedict


54: Matt Hay, Pro-Street’s Backstreet Boy


53: Mike Jones, Exile Fabrications


BONUS EPISODE: John D’Agostino


52: Tony Thacker


51: Eric Tscherne and Carson Lev


50: Eric Tscherne


49: Dan Baker


48: Luc De Lay


47: Larry Erickson


46: James Owens


45: Chip Foose and Carson Lev


44: Jeff Allison


43: Dave Lane


42: Dave and Dom Tucci


41: Josh Mishler


40: The Year in Review


39: Carson Lev and Intellectual Property


38: Steve Cook Creations


37: Brian Lohnes


36: Roger Hickey


35: PPG and Camp Wannapaintem


34: SEMA Show 2018


33: Speedkore’s David Salvaggio and Lyle Brummer


32: Zane Cullen


31: Robert McGaffin


30: Jimi Day


29: Steve Strope


28: Brian Brennan


27: Mike Lefevers


26: SEMA, Projects, Kit Cars and Churros


25: Chris Jacobs


24: Brad Fanshaw


23: JF Launier


22: Kevin Oeste


21: Max Fish


20: Chip Foose


19: Mike Alexander


18: Tim Strange


17: The Engle Brothers, David and Greg


16: Film Friday, Corvette Summer


15: Bob Florine


14: Rob Ida


13: Chris Dunlop


12: Scott Sullivan


11: Carson Lev


10: Escape from Madison County


9: Billy B


8: Carbon Fiber Ball Joints and Trophies


7: Adam Kontras


6: Mick Jenkins


5: Suzy Bauter


4: The Veazie Brothers


3: Chad Reynolds


2: Tom Fritz Part Two


1: Tom Fritz Part One