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Chris Jacobs Round Six Podcast Intro

TV’s Chris Jacobs takes a few moments to give an honest intro to the Round Six Podcast. Half-baked ideas being bantied around by pseudo-intellectuals? We can do that.

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Episode 1: Tom Fritz Masterclass, Part One

We set out for an interview, and got a masterclass instead. The Round Six gearheads were fortunate to spend nearly five hours hanging out with legendary automotive artist Tom Fritz. We learned and laughed more than we have in years.

Going well beyond the palette and canvas, Tom drops common sense and essential wisdom. You’ll learn about color theory and marketing strategy, the value of a hook in your work, and so much more. Tom has more on offer in just part one of this series than any of the Round Six guys could have imagined, and this is barely the tip of an incredible two-plus hour, two-part journey.

episode one tom fritz masterclass


Things you’ll learn just in episode one of this series:

  • Marketing yourself and your work as an artist
  • Building your portfolio
    – From day job to self-employment
  • How Tom went from cartoon background layout to technical illustration
    – Working through day job frustration as a freelancer
    – Growing a client list
    – Working in the Aerospace industry
    We learned that Tom and our own Alex have a bit in common, working for Northrop Grumman  (and that Tom’s father had worked in the Stealth Bomber!).
    – The value of diversity and deadlines in your work
  • The value of not making your artwork appear photographically realistic
  • Tom’s hot rodding roots
  • The genesis of Tom’s automotive paintings
  • School, and whether it’s best to draw the pirate or the turtle
  • Tom’s early attempts at selling his art
  • Paying your dues, literally and figuratively
  • The value of social media and the internet
  • An awesome cliffhanger!

Episode 2: Tom Fritz Masterclass, Part Two

We set out for an interview, and got a masterclass instead. The Round Six gearheads were fortunate to spend nearly five hours hanging out with legendary automotive artist Tom Fritz. We learned and laughed more than we have in years.

Going well beyond the palette and canvas, Tom drops common sense and essential wisdom. You’ll learn about color theory and marketing strategy, the value of a hook in your work, and so much more. We had a ton of laughs to cap-off this incredible two-plus hour, two-part journey, and cannot thank Tom enough for his time, wisdom, humor and candor. We truly hope that you enjoy this episode as much as we have enjoyed putting it together for you.

episode two tom fritz part 2

Things covered in episode two of this series:

  • Continuing Tom’s recollection of early visual inspiration
  • Use of dramatic lighting
  • Drawing on personal experiences to create work
    – The universal draw of humans to machines
    – Telling a story in the work
  • Selecting a historical era or subject for your work
    –What sells?
    –Avoiding being too specific
    –Learning to tailor the work to your market
    –Balancing a personal taste for the subject VS what will sell
  • When drag racing was raw
  • Reference materials
    –Avoiding Copyright issues
    –The value of creating your own reference materials
    –Knowing the historically-accurate details
  • Commissioned work
    –Selecting which jobs to take, and which to turn away
  • Tom’s US postage stamp project
    –The process of landing the job
    –Working with a team of Art Directors
    –Not being able to sign the original paintings… and why
    –The original paintings are now in the Smithsonian National Postal Museum
  • Painting medium
    –Surface substrate selection, the Tom Fritz way
    –Feel of the brush on the surface
  • Chemistry
    –A discussion on painting medium
    –The value of using your intuition and experience to select the right mixtures
  • Supplies
    –The changes in standards of pencils, paints and more
    –The value in being adaptable to new technology
    –Sourcing older supplies
  • A business pitch that may or may not involve a deceased artist’s hair
  • Tom’s favorite color, of course

Episode 3: Chad Reynolds Hangs Out

In this interview, the Round Six Gearheads sit and talk story with the one and only Chad Reynolds from . We discuss everything from project cars to a forgotten and later-liberated fridge. Heck, we even hear about testifying in Federal court.

Yep, you read that correctly.

eoisode three chad reynolds

Things covered in this episode:

  • Chad’s introduction to hot rodding
  • His career in corporate America via a Chinese-owned company
    –Chad testifies before a grand jury
  • Accidentally building the ’56 Chevy wagon in 59 days
  • Hardcore road tripping
  • The genesis of livestreaming at events (the California Hot Rod Reunion)
  • Why ProStock is near and dear to Chad
  • Getting kicked out of tech for not having a rollbar
  • Questionable Questions of the Day
  • Working with sponsors
    –The biggest piece of advice you can get regarding sponsorships
  • Why print is not dead…yet
  • The importance of working your ass off at what you love
  • Pitching “One Guy, One Taco Shell”
  • Liberating a kustom fridge

Episode 4: Pre-GNRS Benchracing With the Veazie Brothers

The Round Six Gearheads sat down with the Veazie brothers, Evin and Justin of So-Cal Speed Shop fame for an evening of benchracing and story-telling. From humble roots sweeping the floors of the famed hot rod shop to putting together the 2012 AMBR-winning Indy Speedster… and perhaps mention of a fenderless ’79 Monte Carlo with a severely-raked ’33 Ford grille shell, this episode has it all.

And then some.

episode four veazie brothers

Things covered in this episode:

  • That audio podcasts are just sound
  • Rediscovering the joy of old-school benchracing
  • Brian asks a very “Facebook” question
  • How the guys started at So-Cal Speed Shop
  • The importance of truly caring about every aspect of the business
  • The joy of brotherly abuse in the workplace
  • Defining the line between “traditional” and “rat rod”
  • The darker side of hot rod-based TV
    – When non-car people create car-based entertainment
    – Fake drama meets scheduling nightmare
  • Traditional Lowriders and Kustoms
  • Eric’s stash of Truxarossa body kits
  • Frenching Cadillac tail lamps into truck beds for fun and profit
  • Being mentored by Pete Chapouris
  • Building the world’s largest mini truck
  • Round Six’s Brad and his contribution to the truck being debuted in Pomona this week
  • The immortal Beugler striping tool
  • What cars the boys have in their stables
  • Putting together an America’s Most Beautiful Roadster-winning car
  • Grille shell rake, and an observation that it’s much bigger in a certain state
  • Why AM/PM probably won’t be sponsoring any of us

Episode 5: The Hills are Alive With the Sound of Suzy

The Round Six Gearheads sat down with autocross enthusiast and 2017 SEMA Show sensation Suzy Bauter.

We learned a lot, had a bunch of laughs and said a bunch of stuff we all pinky swore to never mention again.

Suzy articulates the draw of the sport of Autocross, and its appeal to women, and issues an invitation to all to come out and give it a try, if not at least a ride-a-long with her at any of the many events she races in each year. It’s a good thing to drive like a girl.

episode five suzy bauter

Things covered in this episode:

  • Brian’s encyclopedic knowledge of females in racing history
  • German podcast awards
  • Eric’s voracious appetite for tacos
  • How wearing an official-looking shirt can make women talk to you
  • How we all met
  • The Rambler wagon
  • How masking tape can ruin your timeline
  • Suzy’s SEMA Ignited parade experience
  • The craziness of a SEMA build with regard to sleep
  • Competing in Goodguys autocross
    – The great fans
    – The awesome support
    – The coming up-to-1987 vehicle year inclusion
  • Rookie mistakes and learning from them
    – It’s not always the parts, sometimes it’s user error
    – The dangers of liquid Mercury-filled shocks
  • Suzy on being the lone girl in her High School Shop Class
    – Being kicked out of Home Economics
    – “It’s a broad issue.” Thanks, Alex.
    – Sewing VS latch-hooking metal
  • The history of the Rambler project
    – From trailer park to SEMA
    – Eight-tracks to glory
    – Performance testing an eight-track tape under high-G loads
  • Hammer pants, LA Gear high-tops and matching scrunchies
  • Brian’s equipment failure breeds a great back massager joke
  • Suzy turns the tables, and asks the Gearheads a question
  • Brian messes up; it was the 1960 Buick Electra w/the reflecting speedometer
  • Alex’s super-low production sequence number ’71 Camaro RS
  • The growing trend of third-gen F-bodies
  • Waxing nostalgic over first cars
  • Learning to drive Autocross
  • A discussion of island-y people
  • The Round Six Gearheads have a sleepover
  • Brian sings!

Episode 6: Slinging Paint With Mick Jenkins

The Round Six Gearheads sat down with painter Mick Jenkins for an hour of paint talk.

In Episode Six, we discuss the latest tools and techniques, the time and effort required to paint cars at the AMBR and Ridler level, and even wax a bit nostalgic.

We laughed, we learned, and we asked a ton of questions that Mick was kind enough to answer. Even after Brian called him Mick Jagger. And Mickey Dolenz.

episode six mick jenkins

Things covered in this episode:

  • The difference between a painter and a custom painter
  • The Pure Vision ’57 Ford wagon’s SEMA debut
  • Mick hints at a Ridler project in the shop
  • Brian coins a phrase
  • Rare and notable cars
  • Mick’s favorite project: The Anvil Mustang from Fast and Furious
  • The guys do their homework
  • The time required to turn out an AMBR-winning finish
  • The fine line between passion and a job
  • The difference between hot rodding in England VS the United States
  • Working from a great career to going back to starting at rung one
  • Starting out in the US with Dan Fink, Chip Foose, So-Cal and more
  • Mick’s personal roadster project
  • Working to a level and not wishing to back down from it
  • Staffing a high-end shop with the right personnel
  • The importance of being one’s worst critic, but in moderation
  • The continual evolution of paint quality
  • Advancements in paint materials and chemistry

Episode 7: Four Plus One Gigglenuts

The Round Six Gearheads sat down with documentarian Adam Kontras, and talked DeLorean DMC-12’s, time machines, Back to the Future movie cars, LS engine swaps, family drama, Shakesperian betrayal… and Eric’s eating habits.

All of this as Adam’s documentary, Fastest DeLorean in the World hits Amazon Prime Video, sharing fortuitous timing with another story about a kid from Columbus Ohio who happens to race a DeLorean. Ready Player One ironically has more screen time of Doc brown’s stylish time machine than does the original Back to the Future. Talk about things being delicately interconnected.

SPOILER ALERT: Watch the documentary first if you don’t want to spoil anything. It’s a big spoiler.

Wish to have the DeLorean time machine appear at your Birthday, wedding, bris, whatever? Hit up Adam’s site here.

episode seven adam kontras

Things covered in this episode.

  • How a non-car guy becomes a car guy by way of necessity
  • The incredible sense of community in the car world
  • Hindsight being 20/20
  • The variables involved in building an engine vs purchasing a salvage motor or crate engine
  • Brian ponders mounting turbos in the rear exhaust vents
  • The benchmark of 12.6’s in the 1/4 mile
  • The hard part of having to rely on the car to earn a living while risking breakage
  • Troubleshooting a power dip
  • Sorting gremlins
  • Faked dyno pulls
  • The effect of the new movie Ready Player One on the car’s popularity
  • The incredible tie-in with Don Fullilove, aka Mayor Goldie Wilson
  • Did you happen to know that Suzy is a publicist?
  • Double-feature o Back to the Future and Fastest DeLorean with a Q&A with Adam and The Mayor
  • The polarizing nature of the f-bomb
  • Creating a f***less version of the documentary
  • The neat coincidence of the shipping of the DeLorean
  • Questioning the manufactured drama of automotive reality television
  • “Ha-ha” vs “horrifying” funny
  • Enjoying a tasty timeslip sandwich with the kids
  • Overlooking the small things when rushing a project
  • The true cost of budget knock-off parts
  • Brian’s endearing soft-ball joke delivery gets a name
  • Where and how to watch the film, and how to help support it

Episode 8: Carbon Fiber Ball Joints and Trophies

The Round Six Gearheads sat down with and got back to their roots with an unscripted, candid discussion on the state of the Street Machine of the Year (SMOTY) award. More than just a simple opinion fest, the guys share insight on the state of the art, the need for a renaissance, and the stale nature of trends. The conversation goes deep for a bit, and explores the what and why of how a car can command your attention, and then levels out neatly with an idea for a tortilla machine to be standard in all continental breakfast lines.

That and carbon fiber ball joints, of course. But not in the breakfast line. Mankind should know his limits, after all.

episode eight carbon fiber ball joint

Things covered in this episode:

  • The current state of build trends
  • How everything went Pro-Touring
  • The “required mods” list, or so it seems
  • The politics of dancing into the Top Five
  • Carbon fiber ball joints
  • Old trends we miss… and a few we don’t
  • Waxing nostalgic with tongue firmly in cheek
  • Offering constructive criticism to bring excitement to the SMOTY award
  • Burning out on a build style
  • “Jumping the shark” on a build style
  • The act of throwing money at a car versus having a plan
  • When a build becomes satire
  • Other trends that are suffering from “same-as” burnout
  • The pricing-out of the common man
  • The importance of pie-in-the-sky builds as inspiration
  • When a car is “too nice” to drive
  • Terribly inappropriate SEMA Show call-backs
  • The hot rod illuninati/”aluminati”
  • The birth of a secret society
  • When a certain build just “does it” for you
  • That point where a high-end build breeds contempt
  • The differences in creativity:
    Designing from scratch VS junkyard trawling
  • Engineering a home-built solution to a high-end design challenge
  • Bringing tweed back
  • Alex and Brian go all Star Wars. Again.
  • Birth of the “Ratborghini.”
  • Why Peter Jackson won’t be directing the Round Six Biopic

Episode 9: BS-ing With Billy B

The Round Six Gearheads sat down with world-famous custom painter Billy B for an evening of good-natured, wet fun. This was a fast-paced, fun look at the world of high-powered, super-trick custom boats, racing and laughs.

From humble beginnings to laying paint on drag cars, hot boats and more, this guy has thrown krazy kolors in fresh directions for years, and has made a name for himself as the best there is on any body of water.

That and creating a water sport so extreme that even the Australians may not go for it.

episode nine billy b

Things covered in this episode:

  • When Billy met Brad
  • Brian’s filthy mouth
  • A terribly inappropriate intro
    – A flurry of brutal pop culture references
  • Making the move from Graphic Design to Custom Paint
    – The mysterious connection of Dentistry and art
  • Rediscovering Billy’s first custom paint job
  • World-record water skiing
    – BAREFOOT, no less!
    – “Dead arm”
    – Worst secret handshake ever
  • The Australian Dam-to-Dam race (Google this. Holy moly.)
  • Long Beach to Catalina race
  • Humble beginnings
  • Brad’s leaky truck
    – and his Captain Hazelwood shirt
  • The sound of Crocs at 130MPH on water
  • The Red Bull Extreme Inner Tube Challenge
    – The many realms of Formula D
    – The dirtiest acronym ever
  • A thing we can’t mention because someone made us edit it out
  • Genesis of Billy B’s Hot Boat Show
    – In memory of Officer Marvin Carter
    – Giving back to the community
  • The hopeful return of river racing
  • How things have changed over the years
    – Re-branding ideas
  • The Pirate Cove show
    – Local interference
  • The Liquid Fly-By
  • Eric plays Chamber of Commerce rep
  • The boat storage business
  • Personal projects
    – Being a Ford guy with a Chevy powerplant
  • The joy of working without a timeline
  • Brad takes a few more lumps
  • Clients gone wild
  • The many nicknames of Brad

Episode 10: Escape from Madison County

The Round Six Gearheads sat down and just riffed about movies, cars, movie cars, and car chases. They even ponder the genius of a Bridges of Madison County crossover action film. Yeah, it’s a bumpy ride here in episode ten.

We go Hollywood so that you don’t have to.

episode ten escape from madison county

Things covered in this episode:

  • Animal-shaped/themed wheels
    – Return of the goldfish wheel
  • Plotting the ultimate heist getaway car
  • Wondering just how many sentient cars there were in movies and TV
  • The ultimate mash-up
  • Making Love Bugs, not War Machines
  • Barney Rubble in a leotard? Sure. Why not? Don’t judge Eric.
  • ANOTHER Joie Chitwood Thrill Show reference
  • Never-ending fries? No, but we’ll have many extra hubcaps, please.
  • Exploring the insurance claims of car chases
  • The obviously humorous side of exploding gas stations in movie chases
  • An accident so violent the vehicle brand changes
  • The value of having production designers who understand cars
  • The eighty-four second quarter mile run
  • The guys pitch a new YouTube channel idea
  • Heart Like a Wheel/Face Full of Oil
  • The incredible weakness of film car hood hinges
  • Fast cars or character development?
    – Living life nine sequels at a time
  • Why an NOS energy drink works, but a Bars Leak-branded one wouldn’t
  • Bottoming-out in Alex’s getaway car
    – The value of air shocks in your heist car, and keeping them filled
  • The delightful Clint Eastwood/Snake Plissken mash-up
  • Re-imagining sappy love stories as car movies
  • A call-back to the Round Six trophy
  • Worst-ever stock car racing movie crew chief
  • Drink your Hydrazine!
    – The birth of energy drink spokesman, Hydro Gene
  • More assorted juvenile idiocy

Episode 11: Life Lessons with Carson Lev

The Gearheads welcome the Forrest Gump of the hot rod world, Carson Lev, and talk mentoring by legends, Hot Wheels, the space program and Disney… Not enough street cred? He’s the guy who brought the real Twin Mill to SEMA, and learned to stripe and letter at the shoulder of Kenny Youngblood. Yes, you read that right. It’s a fascinating episode that’s loaded with life lessons and more.

Can you say that Mickey Thompson taught you to wash a car?

No you can’t. Otherwise you’d have been the guest on episode eleven.

episode eleven carson lev

Things covered in this episode:

  • On being born and raised in the hotbed of hot rodding
  • Growing up in the vicinity of sixteen or so drag strips
  • “Normalcy is mediocrity”
    – Mentored by Ed Roth and Mickey Thompson
  • How insecurity bred drive to succeed
  • Hanging out at Lions Drag Strip while his Mom was at work
    – Washing cars for Mickey Thompson
    – Learning from legends
    – The truth behind the hamburger
  • History as told from the guy who was there
  • The importance of old-school mentoring
  • The dichotomy of Ed Roth and Mickey Thompson as mentors
    – Mickey’s lessons in efficiency and negotiating
    – Learning the value of a name alongside art and design from Ed Roth
  • Early dreams of becoming a Doctor
    – The inspiration of the Dino
  • From Med School to Industrial Design
    – Bringing the ergonomics ideas of Henry Dreyfuss to the field
  • Lettering and pinstriping after a day of designing biomedical products
  • Hanging out with Kenny Youngblood
    – Learning what a Stabilo pencil was
    – Using an afro pick to paint headlamps
  • Kirby’s Clubhouse, Reath Automotive
    – “The Hot Rod Version of the Ed Sullivan Show”
  • Carson’s intro to Wally Parks
  • From medical design to Hot Wheels
  • Licensing the World’s Coolest Car Company
  • The Twin Mill at SEMA
  • The Disney connection
  • How to ace a job interview in one simple step
  • The importance of paying it forward

Episode 12: Getting Cheez-Whizzy With Scott Sullivan

The Gearheads host Street Machine and graphics legend Scott Sullivan on a very rainy Dayton (“day-INN”) night, and talk about cars, rain, improvised weapons and more. This one really does have a little something for everyone, assuming that you don’t get out a lot.

The best possible description of this is to imagine yourself at whatever age you were when you first saw the Cheez-Whiz ’55, but with the cool factor of being a fly on the wall in a garage with that car, Scott, and four of his neighbors. It’s cool, and has one heck of a neat historical gem tucked away. You don’t want to miss this one.

Be sure to look for this, along with all of our other episodes (and much more) on our YouTube channel.


Things covered in this episode:

  • The guys re-reinvent reality TV all over again
    – “American Hot Rod Gladiator Ninja” is born
    – Potential hosting job for Hydro Gene
    – The world’s largest throwing star
  • It rains
    – Hear some actual Ohio thunder
  • Alex brings a storm of expletives
  • Brian’s Directorial diary
  • Early influences
  • Ohio drag racing history
  • Custom paint roots
    – Speaking of roots, we talked about hair color, but that’s a extra for subscribers only
  • They heyday of graphics and magazines
    – That “1980’s” stuff
  • Junkyard trawling revisited
  • The “jubilance” of eleven listener and a glove box door button
  • Scott’s Nova
    – Being twenty-two and building the first Pro-Street car
    – October 1979 Popular Hot Rodding Magazine coined the phrase “Pro-Street”
    – Setting the street machine world on fire
  • Cramming a 13-inch tire under a  ’71 Dodge Demon in a driveway
  • The Rat Pack car club days
    – Pat’s ’70 LS-6 Chevelle
    –The unseen candy red version of the Nova
    –Leaving the club
  • “Birds can fly, but flies can’t bird.”
  • Winning Street Machine of the Year simply because of a bad parking spot (yeah… you read that correctly)
  • The struggle to find 16 and 18-inch wheels
  • Bringing back Convo-Pro’s. We’re joking.  …maybe.
  • The story behind the ’55 wheels.
  • Assorted details on Scott’s ’54 Chevy project

Episode 13: A Tumblr Full of Pinstripe Chris


The Gearheads host Chris Dunlop, aka “Pinstripe Chris” for a fun evening of talking art, life coaching and taking risks to get where you need to be. He has an unmistakable and unique style, his work is easily recognizable, and rather than talk about that, we talk about Stanley Kubrick and a Pontiac Fiero. And Spencer Gifts.

An episode that any young artist will not want to miss, as Chris offers some priceless insight and life experience. He’s truly a man wise beyond his years, and truly on a road to forging a legendary career.

Pinstripe Chris

Things covered in this episode:

  • “The punk rocker that wants to buy fake dog poo”
  • “I knew your mom!”
    – Motley Crue concerts and Brian’s mom
  • The profitability of life coaching
  • The difference between “want to” and “have to”
  • On moving from Maryland to California with $1200
  • Making the transition from restoring exotics and classics to being an artist
    – The willingness to start from ground zero to realize one’s potential
  • Creating art
    – “Show something familiar in a unique way”
    – Channeling  the inner “skater” mentality
  • The California car culture
  • SEMA build stress and career trials
  • The difference between monetary gain and opportunity
    – Exposure versus profit
    – Weighing numbers versus value
  • The advantage of being efficient in creating work
  • How hands-on automotive work translates to better art
  • The fundamentals and their importance moving forward
  • Return of the Pirate and Turtle
  • Keeping fresh by being diverse
  • Developing a unique look
    – Limiting “borrowed influences”
    – Dissecting art
    – The “Bob Ross” effect of “happy accidents”
    – “Artistic Neurosurgery”
  • Art and Coffee
    – The different wiring of artists and their response to caffeine
  • The difficulty of wasting materials
    – The cost of pixels
  • The advantage of working both digital AND analog
    – Knowing when to apply which approach
    – Looking for an reveling in the “human flaws” that put a fingerprint on their work
  • Chris’ Bic pen art
  • The value of always pushing for perfection
  • The Sharpie car thing
    – Chemistry
    – Clear coating tricks and tips
    – Paint markers earn their place
    – The Fiat Olympic car
  • Chris’ secret car crush

Episode 14: Tuckers, Hot Rods and Rob Ida


The Gearheads host the incredibly skilled and prolific Rob Ida for an evening of incredible coincidences, hot rods, legendary friends and more.

Rob shares his hot rodding history, his perspective on cars competing for awards, and being fortunate to have been able to work on cars that inspire an emotional connection, versus simply being a means to an end in and of themselves. Being a small shop, it’s simply about the car, which is why you won’t visit the shop and see a ton of decoration. Ida’s shop is, as he describes it, “decorated with work.”

And that is a fine description of his incredible career, as well. We think you’re going to enjoy the heck out of this episode, and cannot wait to have Rob back again soon.

rob ida

Things covered in this episode:

  • The stakes are high with a new game show
  • The Race of Gentlemen
    – eBay helmets
  • Gene Winfield
    – Finishing projects of Gene’s from the 1960’s
    – Metal shaping classes
    – Laying down on of his world-famous fade paint jobs
    – The incredible work ethic of a 90 year old icon
  • Building cars as art, not a competitive device
  • Having the opportunity to purchase Gene’s old ’32
  • “Decorated with work;” discussing the lack of flashy decor in the shop
    – Emotional attachment to a project versus over-processing a build
    – The recurrence of trends
    – A love of engineering and design and balancing the two
  • Rob’s love for Willys, Tucker and Porsches
  • A family history of fast cars
    – His Dad’s supercharged, 10-second 427-powered street ’32
    – From horses to the Hemi Healey
  • Building the Tucker Torpedo
    – Solving the problem of the center-mount driver seat
    – Using Arduino and SolidWorks
  • Pebble Beach concours-level Tucker #44 restoration
    – Removing 200-lbs of factory lead
  • Using the cars to go beyond, in terms of charity and inspiration
  • Rescuing the original Tucker blueprints
    – Saved from a landfill because of the ink!
    – Discovering original correspondence from Rob’s grandfather and Tucker
  • The challenge of working on/restoring Tucker automobiles
  • The 589ci Tucker flat six
    – Simplicity means less parts to break
  • The incredible engineering of Tucker
  • The value of having and recognizing the great people in your life

Episode 15: A High Bolt-age Ride in the Fastener Lane With Bob Florine


The Gearheads host the very gracious and incredibly fun Bob Florine of ARP. We talk careers, the value of learning a business from the ground-up, working as a traveling salesman and engineering. To say that there is a TON of value in this episode would be an understatement. If you’ve ever wanted to learn the in’s and out’s of fastener engineering and how to work your way to the top, then this is your episode. Suffice to say, Bob is the guy you want riding shotgun the next time you run to the hardware store to match up those bolts for your Kruupenschornen IKEA chair.

If you ignore the incredible free class on fastener engineering, the amazing advice on moving through the ranks of company and even the great example of how to treat others, please take this away from the episode:

Bob is a guy who is excited about, and clearly loves his job. The same one he has held for over forty years. Consider that for a moment. This episode hands you the secret to a happy life and career. Boom.

The guys dive deep into the why’s and how’s of bolts, and then get carried away talking about Bob’s project cars, and a little Round Six connection to one via our own Brad.



  • The value of starting out on the ground floor
  • How a quality product and diverse line can put a company far ahead in all aspects
  • A brief history of incredible sustained growth
  • Competition in the marketplace
  • Quality and engineering
  • From go-karts to space
    – Everything from food lines to oil rigs to aerospace
    – Much of ARP’s work comes from racers having day jobs and suggesting the product to their employers
  • Dealing with counterfeit parts in the marketplace
  • The incredible advances in race technology
  • Brian launches “Team Pushbroom,” the only F1 race team that exclusively uses counterfeit parts
  • Smokey Yunick
  • John Paul Stapp and the rocket sled
  • The wealth of engineering information available in just the first twenty pages of the ARP catalog
  • Threads are the weakest link in a fastener
  • Torque wrench versus stretch gauge
    – Torque is variable, stretch is empirical
    – Yield
    – Elastic versus plastic
  • How fasteners are essentially springs
  • Designing fasteners for turbocharged applications
  • Exploring the re-use of “torque-to-yield” fasteners
  • Explaining thread diameter
    – Rolling/extruding thread
  • Hot-heading versus cold-heading
  • Marketing
    – Sponsorship versus paid placement
    – The value of personal relationships over sales dollars
  • Moving to California on his own at seventeen
  • Starting in sales
  • Bob’s first hot rod, a cafe racer-style Honda
  • A ’68 Satellite with a 383
  • The $1500 4-speed ’69 Road Runner
  • The Red ’70 Camaro
  • The ’57 Ranch wagon
  • Pete Chapouris and Brad’s tribute on the tailgate
  • The forthcoming ’67 C-10 project
  • On patina
    – Alex invents “Simu-Rust”

Podcast Episodes