The Art of Pinstriping with Ron Hernandez

Brad is back in the Valley of the Sun, and drops by to pay a visit to a friend and colleague, Ron Hernandez.

Ron is among the elite of pinstripe artists in the world, and is one of the nicest, most humble super-talents that you could ever hope to meet. He shares his memories of growing up in an artistic family, and how his Dad and brother inspired his love for cars. From street machines to kustoms and hot rods, Ron has had them all, and puts stripes on them, too!

Talking Art with Pinstriping Legend Ron Hernandez

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From his early plans of being an Art teacher to humble beginnings laying paint at the local car wash, we are guided along an inspiring journey to explore what drives someone to become one of the best at their craft. Still working every day, Ron Hernandez has seen trends come and go, and has even been the guy leading the charge on a number of them.

And if you’ve never seen someone pinstripe no-handed, well… Let’s just say that you’re in for a treat or two.

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Hosted by Brad King
Directed by Brad King
Written by Brad King

Music in this episode:

Theme Song
“That Fire”

“Rock Slide”
Nikolai Zizenko

“Just Remember”
Written By
Adrian Dominic Walther
Performed By
Adrian Walther

“After Time”
Written By
Dustin Ransom
Performed By

Written By
Amit Nagra
Performed By

“Many Worlds”
Written By
Bryan Laurenson
Performed By
Memory Theory

“State Of Mind”
Written By
David Thulin
Performed By
Simple Thieves

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