Taking an Indy Car Around the Block

Indy Car in a Subdivision

When filming the Matt episode of Stories N’ Steel, we took an Indy car for a quick spin around the block, and even drove a Pro Street legend, too! Brad does …

While Brad and Brian were filming the Matt Hay episode of Stories N’ Steel (please take the time to like, comment and subscribe to help us continue creating fun and entertaining content!), the boys thought it might be fun to take an Indy car for a spin around the block!

It was one of those thrill-of-a-lifetime kind of things (OK, it was a ton of thrills of a lifetime), and it was all capped-off with some cockpit time in a legendary Pro-Streeter by Brad, who took the opportunity to channel his inner Huell Houser and run a few lines (provided by Matt and myself, naturally) while trying to appear professional.

We hope that you’ll join us later this week as we launch the second ALL-NEW episode of Stories N’ Steel on our YouTube channel. We’re stoked to have our pal Matt Hay hanging out with us… All that said, dig the video here. We took an Indy car for a spin around the neighborhood, and then Brad took the opportunity to drive the Thunderbird. And, of course, we had to film some intros for the show. Lucky you, you get to watch the outtakes.

And an Indy car cruising through the suburbs.

Want more? Here’s the full, uncut version:

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