A Triple Gun Award Episode of Near-Excellence


darryl hollenbeck and zane cullen

On episode sixty-seven, we head back in time to January at the 70th Grand National Roadster Show, and a quick session with Darryl Hollenbeck and Zane Cullen. It’s a paint all-star spectacular, and the conversation starts with a discussion of the Triple Gun Award of Excellence, and goes outrageously sideways.

Great time at a great how with great friends. It’s a laid-back look at the industry through the eyes of two seasoned pro’s… And three podcast hosts just trying to keep it on the rails.


  • Stuff we can’t air
  • The Triple Gun Award of Excellence
    – The history of the award
    – Judging criteria
    – The three guns, Darryl Hollenbeck, Charlie Hutton and Zane Cullen
  • Mickie Galloway’s design contribution
  • Brian launches the idea of bringing the past winners to one display at GNRS
    – “The Triple Mom Award”
  • Darryl’s AMBR win in 2016
  • Roofies in the booth
  • Multi-generational family businesses
    – Easing into the industry
  • The recurring BMX theme as the gateway to hot rods
  • Darryl on his Dad
    – Dad’s toolbox
    – Buying his Dad’s old work truck back
  • First cars
  • Many, many paint puns
  • Many, many more nut jokes
  • Paint technology
  • Paint as a crutch
    – The collision shop atmosphere VS the custom paint shop
  • The barrier between passion and investing time to better your skill set
  • Brian makes the mistake of offering to go deeper
  • On being a hot rod subcontractor
  • Time management
  • “You’re easy to squeeze in”
  • “The Foose episode was nothing like this”
  • A Tipper Gore refrence
  • Influences/heroes
    – Westergard
    – Bertolucci
    – Art Himsl
    – Barris
  • Starting your own business
    – Efficiency
    – A process of continuing improvement
    – Learning the hard lessons


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