James Owens: Milking the Cash Teats


James Owens drops into The Round Six Experience at the 70th Grand National Roadster Show, and talks art, acting, cars and the mysteries of the mighty (and oft-misunderstood) Gaffer.

In what quickly became our most quotable episode ever,  things immediately slide waaaayyy off of the rails, and from there is an on-the-rails/off-the-rails adventure. From early days in art school and school plays to working with A-list studios, James has had a diverse and creatively-fueled career that beautifully paved a path to his present. Follow along, and get an uncensored look at forging a career path in both Hollywood and automotive art.


  • The mysterious career activities of the Gaffer
  • Jim’s hat
  • Alternate-dimension Chip Foose biopic
  • Things go all Maury Povich
  • “We’re definitely using some of that”
  • “Feign happiness”
  • Lay pigment and get paid
  • Founding of the Brush Bastards
  • The thunder of Doc Marten boots, the pitter-patter of Vans and the squeak of Converse All-Stars
  • Stomp’s less-intelligent cousin, Mosey
  • James Owens: the Switzerland of the podcast
  • Painting or acting
  • Jim on the move to Eastern Tennessee
  • From advertising to acting
    – Making an agent money prior to ever meeting them
  • From the Dad in a Dollywood commercial to the Sultan of Sable
    – Brian proposes a disastrous ten-year commercial cast reunion project
  • Navigating the LA/So-Cal acting and automotive art worlds
    – Where the real money is in acting
  • How you can help a fellow artist
  • James’ first commission, Speed Demon
  • “Name that car”
  • Center for Creative Studies
  • “I spent my twenties marker high
     – Honing art skills with markers
  • A flood of puns and double-entendres
  • A sexually-induced stupor
  • The genesis of Car Noir
    Telling a story in the art
  • Avoiding predictability
  • Knowing when to pull the plug on a piece
  • Brian proposes “Frankencanvas,” the ultimate cast-off art show
  • The magic of Fordite
    – Mechanical dentures meet Fine Art
  • The creative process
  • “Let’s see you act your way out of this, Funny Man”
  • Jim’s Hudson Pacemaker
  • ATM mogul
  • “Neckwear Bouillabaisse”
  • Things get… “furry”
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