Tang-y Design and Robot Cars: Jeff Allison


The Gearheads spent the weekend at the 70th Grand National Roadster Show, and sat with our good friend, Jeff Allison and talked design, careers and rum-based drink concepts.

Forging a career with unique art, ideas and a ton of personality, Jeff Allison is presently the Creative Design Consultant at Shine Speed Shop, where he is re-branding what has become an iconic name in the industry, and having a ton of fun doing it. From humble beginnings, Jeff made a name for himself through his art, and is a lesson in success from the “go your own way” school of thinking.

As things often do when you put artists at the same table, conversation freewheels and spins delightfully off of the rails. A laid-back time with a good friend at the Granddaddy of them All, this was a highlight of Saturday in the Round Six Experience. Big thanks to Jeff for stopping by, hanging out with us, and letting loose for a while. Look for more with Jeff here ion the podcast, and be sure to check out all of the latest cool stuff going on over at Shine Speed Shop and Allison Design by visiting the links below in the show notes.


  • The joy of being regular
  • Jeff taking the position of Creative Design Consultant for Shine Speed Shop
    – Making your own business cards is a rite of passage
  • An organ stand isn’t a suggestive exercise
    – Yet another ZZ Top reference on the show
  • Re-branding a company as a day job
  • Utilizing a skill set that many don’t know you possess
  • Return of the Chrysler Airflow
  • Customizing an iconic design
    – Risk VS reward
    – Winning Designer’s Choice at Eyes on Design
    – Revisionist historical tomfoolery for project success
    – The method design process
  • The gang goes Tiki
    – Rum-based drinks
    – Tang finds redemption
    – The dangers of freeze-dried rum
  • Early art inspiration
    CARtoons Magazine, Ed Roth, George Trosley
  • Developing a unique style in a sea of similarly-influenced artists and designers
  • Embracing the digital toolkit
  • Working with Mattel
    – The Hot Wheels Days
    – If Hot Wheels weren’t enough, Star Wars Hot Wheels doubles-down on cool
    – The Jar-Jar concept
    – The ones that didn’t make it
    – Actual research VS Robot Chicken-style research
    – Barbie the destroyer
  • Toy designers want to design real cars; car designers want to design toys
  • There’s always haters
  • The creative process
  • “Compare with…”
  • Jeff goes alternate-dimension on a Jaguar with Rob Ida
  • Jeff plots a simplistic Model A
  • What’s next for Jeff
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Brian Stupski


  1. Johnny Jalopy
    February 6, 2019 at 2:46 pm — Reply

    Great show!

    • February 8, 2019 at 4:41 am — Reply

      Hey, thanks! We had an absolute blast with our friend Jeff… How can you not?
      Glad that you enjoyed it, and hope that you’ll stick around, and enjoy the great episodes we have coming up every Friday, and check out the big list of previous ones, too! Stoked to have you with us!

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