A Tucci Two-Fer with Dave and Dom


We finally get the chance to fully explore a shop with a true in-house design with Dave and Dom Tucci, a father-and-son powerhouse from Macy, New York.

For twenty-one years, Tucci Hot Rods has been building some of the coolest and most finely-detailed and designed cars on the planet, and have forged a reputation a one of the best. A study in humility, this multi-generational family affair is proof that hard work and being of stand-up character will get you everywhere.

With Dom leading the next wave and launching his own company, Dom Tucci Design, he’s embraced modern technology, design sensibilities and processes, and is forging his own name into the hot rod industry and beyond.

This isn’t merely an episode that walks down memory lane; it’s a study in relationships both in the shop and beyond, and there is a level of sincere respect that just flows at every turn. So much to be learned here from anyone making their way either into or ahead in the industry, ans a lesson in how to take your lumps with grace. Look for more of these guys in the coming year, as we enjoy the heck out of them, and appreciate their friendship. Hope you enjoy learning more about this incredibly talented and hard-working pair.


  • Talking NSRA Syracuse giveaway cars
  • Growing up around hot cars and appliance repair
  • The Keith Black-blown HEMI Willys
  • Dave’s first ride, a 529-wedge motor-powered Falcon – Cruising Genesee Street
  • Working on appliances by day, hot rods by night
  • Rob Ida’s skills are everywhere… even this episode
  • Family discussion leads to hot rod building as a career
  • The green GMC that put the shop on the map
  • The fight to feature the truck
  • A twenty-eight and nineteen year old take a truck to SEMA • Hand-rolling FIVE-THOUSAND posters
  • Repairing a broken show truck on the road
    – Alone in San Francisco, no luggage… and Roy Brizio to the rescue
  • The VERY last-minute SEMA thrash
  • The Fiesta project for Ford
    – Establishing a relationship with the manufacturer
  • Dom discusses school and earning his degree in Industrial Design
  • The power of networking and bringing in the right players to your team
  • The growth and ever-expanding capabilities of Dom Tucci Design
  • Building sword guards
  • Brian triggers Dave’s hatred of rust
  • Salt dust
    – Like Bonneville without the cool
  • Salt-ternatives
    – “Pickle-scented roads!”
  • Playing with windshields, Tucci Hot Rods style
  • The Nomad
  • Breaking the story on the Syracuse Nationals giveaway car!
  • 181MPH first pass
  • Coolant on fire!
  • Alex gets salty
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