From the Lodge at Camp Wannapaintem: Cristina and Jeremy


The Gearheads went deep into the woods of the 2018 SEMA Show, and wandered into Camp Wannapaintem, PPG‘s latest show-stopping display. We were fortunate to fall under the guidance of camp counselors Cristina Fronzaglia Murray and Jeremy Seanor (of Lucky Strike Designs). We sat for a while and discussed paint technology, creativity, marketing, and the importance of passion Most important of all was the lesson that paint is fun. It’s not merely a tool or just  coating, but a vehicle in and of itself, capable of launching careers and forging lifelong friendships. Even after a certain podcaster suggests a prison-themed trade show booth.


  • Talking SEMA Show booth themes
    – Gathering items to decorate the booth
  • The “Homeless Chic” John Jackson
  • Where inspiration lives
  • Jeremy paints a canoe
  • Our own Brad’s connection to a past themed booth
  • A terribly inappropriate booth theme idea made presentable
  • Brian chooses a favorite among his sons
  • How to turn a group of adults into a bunch of three year olds (HINT: it involves whistles)
  • Paint is fun
  • Experiencing color in different ways
  • Waterborne and Envirobase paint technology versus solvent-based
    – Adapting the new tech to creative paint
    – Progressing with paint technology in both collision and custom work
  • The changing times:
    – Hot-plating enamels and crushing pigment from leaves
    – Moving cure times from cigarettes between coats to social posts between coats
  • The longevity of Deltron
    – Hosting a fourteen year old paint job in the booth illustrates quality like nothing else
  • Booth design as a team-building exercise
  • The value of not having to be engaged in the “SEMA crunch”
  • Brian offers the then-thousand dollar marketing idea
  • History of the PPG theme booths
  • A custom painter reunion of sorts every year in the booth
  • “The greatest paint in the world, used by the greatest painters”
    – The value and appreciation of humility
  • The “prison” theme booth
    – Alex offers the idea of carving a shiv from a paint stir stick
  • More great booth theme ideas:
    – “Paint Church”
    – “Rascal in a China Shop”
    – “Barefoot on Legos”


  • On the importance of being yourself and making mistakes
    – Career growth through understanding passions
  • Teaching the technical aspect, and the inability to teach passion
  • Four-year education versus hands-on trades
  • The value of a combination of traditional school degrees and trade school/knowledge
  • The misinterpretation of trades being just “dirty work”
  • Recognizing the minds and hands that aren’t meant to sit in a classroom, but rather need to be out doing things
  • The epitome of “self-made”
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