Guys on Film: Rappin’ with McGaffin


The Gearheads spend an evening with Robert McGaffin. He’s an Automotive Photographer, industry good guy, friend and the Creative Director and co-Founder of Wheel Hub Magazine. From early days building and shooting model cars to school and a carer in Commercial Photography, Robert has some varied experience. Yet it all comes back to cars.

The guys over at Robert’s latest venture, Wheel Hub Magazine have been gracious in extending an offer to listeners of the Round Six Podcast. Head on over to their website at www.wheelhubmag.com/roundsix and you’ll receive a two-for-one special. Huge thanks to them, and to you, our listeners for your support.


  • Growing up in Wisconsin
    – From puddle of goo to model glue
  • An early start shooting model cars with an Instamatic
  • From College to Commercial Photography
  • Burning dust with studio lighting
  • Astrophotography
  • Early influences
  • First trip to the SEMA Show
  • Favorite cars of all-time
    – Rad Rides’ Chicayne
  • Riffing on motorsports photography
    – Rally driving
    – Isle of Man TT
  • Really niche photography
  • Brian’s strange surgical history
  • Rob’s Steve Strope story
  • Brad takes a few more lumps
  • Robert’s ’65 Olds project
  • On the dynamics of print VS digital coverage
  • Launching Wheel Hub Magazine
    – Assembling the team
    – Creating the Beta
    – Developing the look
    – Selling ad space
    – The launch at GNRS
  • On keeping it fresh when shooting the same car multiple times for multiple publications
  • When a car owner wants nothing to do with a magazine
  • Making do and improvising on a shoot
  • On cameras and equipment
  • Teaching four-week photography programs
  • The importance of quality lenses over the latest and greatest camera body
  • Suggestions for beginning photographers
    – Happy accidents and learning on the fly
  • The forthcoming Round Six Massage Parlor editorial
    – Alex gets a new job description
    – A “full release” of pure disappointment
  • Things to look forward to at the SEMA Show


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