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Brad was off on a top-secret mission at Steve Strope‘s place, and that left Alex and Brian to do their thing. It was the perfect time to grab a guest we’ve wanted to have on for some time, Jimi Day of FM3 Marketing. We’re just weeks out from the SEMA Show, and it was a nice, relaxing evening talking to one of the amazing people behind may of the absolutely mind-blowing automotive events which his company produces and promotes.

If there’s any truth to the old adage of a podcast hitting its peak in their thirties, well, they’re starting off with a bang around here. Welcome to the big three-oh, kids.


  • Jimi on planning an event
    – The planning process for an event
    – The “event plan”
    – Moving from the event plan to the playbook
  • Jimi’s headband
  • The planning timeline
  • Search for the Ultimate Street Car
  • On building an NHRA-quality track on Woodward Avenue for a one-day event
  • Brian plots the Altamont of car events
  • On eliminating surprises and executing in the moment as necessary
  • On the old days of car shows VS the modern
  • From Imagine Motorsports and investment-grade restorations to driving cars
    – Preservation vs enjoyment
  • FM3 Road Trip Cars and Cones
    – The incredible concept behind the event
    – Sign up for 2019 at fm3roadtrip.com
  • How investment banking bred confidence
  • The gut/brain connection and how to utilize it
  • Getting outside of your comfort zone to create something new
  • Drive Auto X
    – Getting  people involved
    – All about seat time (12-14 runs per day!)
    – No more shagging cones
  • On exit strategies and economic indicators
    – Planning on the fly
  • The Pony Car Steeplechase Challenge is pitched

For more information, or if you;re looking to create your own signature event, please reach out to Jimi and his amazing team at FM3marketing.com, or hit Jimi direct on email at jimi@fm3marketing.com.
For information on the Drive Auto X program, please hit www.driveautox.com.


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