A Well-Executed Fart: Steve Strope


The Gearheads spend the evening talking with the always opinionated, always fascinating and extremely insightful Steve Strope of Pure Vision Design. We talked cars, bass guitar, Millennials and even splitting wood… And it all came back to a central point: Just get out there and do something. Steve isn’t one to mince words, and his motivational style is representative of his East Coast upbringing, which he and show host Brian share. From Summers mowing lawns to Winters spent shoveling, a kid learns to hustle. Steve has made that into an art form, applying that work ethic to the humblest of beginnings with his own shop.

It’s not all fun and laughs, as the conversation gets a bit deep into family matters, adoption, health issues and more, but Steve’s impressive and contagiously positive attitude make for one heck of a learning experience.

An incredible episode with a dynamic guest.


  • Steve on reality TV
    – His new show “Hand Built Hot Rods”
    – Joe Rogan’s Nova
    – “The fall of Camelot”
  • Talking projects in the shop
  • Where Millennials can send their job applications
  • Making the move to the West Coast from New York
  • The black Camaro that got Steve into cars
  • Growing up in a small town
    – A grammar school Road Runner art project
    – “This is my drug”
  • Cars are not a “phase”
    – Retaining the excitement
  • It all starts with BMX bikes
    – Steve’s vintage BMX bike collection
  • The power of great inspiration
  • Doing what you have to do
    – Building a car in a parking garage
    – “I wanted to bad enough”
  • Heading on power tour with a Kinko’s-made promo pack
  • Family life
    – On finding out he was adopted
  • Character-building stuff
    – Yard work and responsibility
    – Mowing the lawn as therapy
    – Porno crop circles
  • On music
    – Playing bass guitar
    – Starting with a short bass purchased by his Mom at a garage sale
  • Commuting from
    – Living next door to the beach house from Top Gun
  • A day in the life of Steve
  • Starting out
    – The struggles of sleeping where you build
  • On riding the “trend pony”
    – Personal pride in a build
  • Hot Rodding in Bill’s Eye in Street Rodder
    – Hot rods as the great social equalizer
  • Brad’s Grindr profile



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