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Chip and the Lamborghini Miura Meltdown

During episode twenty of the podcast, Chip Foose shared a bunch of great stories, among them this gem regarding a small mishap with a freshly custom painted Candy Root Beer Brown Lamborghini Miura… Things didn’t quite go down as planned.

Chip and the Lamborghini Miura

Chip talks about the time he was helping his Dad with getting a Lamborghini ready to deliver. It didn’t quite go down as planned…

He’s a great story teller, and we felt it only fair to share the visuals that make his stories that much more exciting. We were fortunate to have spent a couple of hours with the master, and he was gracious in sharing some fantastic tales, insights to his creative process, and above all, his sense of humor. Chip  is the kind of guy who really defines what a hot rodder or specialty car enthusiast is. He’s experienced not only a rich family history in the industry, but having made his mark in virtually every aspect of it; a true renaissance man of the car world if there ever was one.

We dig a bit deep, and find Chip to be not only the fascinating guest we had expected, but an unexpectedly open, passionate about his craft, and downright fun.

Look for more great special features during the upcoming SEMA Show, as the Gearheads here at the Round Six Podcast will be working on some special projects with Chip. We’ll be bringing those and a lot more to you live from the show floor all week long, and hope that you’ll join us.

This and more great stories (and shop tours, interviews, podcast episodes…) can be found on the Round Six YouTube channel.

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