Making Old Men Polish Bolts: The Spirit of Hot Rodding


Episode twenty-three heads to The Great White North and drags JF Launier back like a felled case of Labbatt Blue. JF is a long-time friend of Brian’s, and brings his outstanding, catchy spirit of what hot rodding really is to the podcast. Who else can say that they’ve built a Ridler Award winner and then done donuts in Cobo Hall with it? Or driven it at the Optima Ultimate Street Car Challenge?

No one that we know outside of this JF guy.

Aside from a veritable metric ton of Canadian references to get the show rolling, it all goes onto mind-blowingly cool territory with a guy who just gets it.


  • An almost uncomfortable trip North of the border
  • Brian and JF hint at current projects
  • Talking Detroit debuts
    – The new rules regarding any pre-show coverage of debut cars
    – The risks involved with social media involvement vs keeping a new car “secret” until the show opens
    – JF’s personal experience with leaked images and the Ridler judging rules
    – Having a rule put in place to ban tire-smoking donuts on the show floor because, well… JF
  • Where passion rules the project
  • Not building cars but being the steward to someone’s dream
  • The Kaiser build
    – Learning along the way
    – Innovating and persevering
    – Showing up at GNRS with a Kaiser
    – Spitting the pinion out of the car
    – Jeep Liberty headlamps, and where to use them
  • French-Canadians and the art of cursing
  • Beating the heck out of a Ridler-winning car
  • The ’55 Chrysler Phantom Wagon
    – Installing the wood headliner and clocking screws
    – Being an Jack-of-all-trades on a project out of necessity
  • “Car Club Night”
    – Offering a chance to “lease the shoes of an Olympic athlete”
    – A group effort
    – Learning by doing
  • “Rivision”
    – A team effort that bred priceless friendships and memories
    – When group participation trumps magazine coverage
    – The only Ridler winner to not be featured in Hot Rod Magazine or Street Rodder Magazine
    – The helping hand at Rad Rides
    – Being an ambassador to hot rodding
    – Pushing 150MPH in a Ridler-winning car
     – Post Barrett-Jackson Cup Hijinks
    – The Symphony of boost
    – The sound effect stylings of JF
  • Doing donuts in Cobo Hall with Chip Foose in the passenger seat
  • Scaring Jacques Villeneuve with a Buick
  • Nature time with Alex: The Plecostomus
  • Acadian VS Nova
  • Drifting in the snow
  • Re-return of the Aquarius wheel
  • A well-endowed giraffe
  • Eric’s bad taste in wheels
  • Canadian Tire gets an open invite to sponsor this mess
  • “The Canadian Ballet”



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