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Stories n’ Steel: Chip and the GTI

On episode twenty of the podcast, Chip Foose sat with the Gearheads. On that show, he told some great stories we had never heard before. Among them was one about his fabled Volkswagen GTI, and some fast times along San Marco Pass between Santa Barbara and Solvang. This story is where the title of that episode grew from, if you were wondering.

This is the first in Round Six’s new Stories n’ Steel series. We sit and swap stories with some of the biggest movers and shakers in the hot rod industry, and take you deep inside of what makes them tick. These are unscripted, unedited moments captured for your entertainment and enlightenment. It’s a lot like being in the room and bench racing with your heroes!

Let us know in the comments below if there’s someone you’d like to see featured. And be sure to share your own tales, too!

In any event, we neither endorse nor condone the behavior described here. But we sure as heck enjoyed hearing about it! Dig on the animated body language as he tells the story. Nothing like seeing an industry icon get excited like this!

Driving the Rabbit 2

The story Chip Foose told about racing his VW Rabbit over the mountain between his home and work. To hear him talk about doing the 28 mile drive faster than should be humanly possible is pretty funny…

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