Sixteen Minutes to Solvang: Chip Foose


Episode twenty goes all-out like a lacquer thinner-soaked rag on a fresh candy-painted Lamborghini Miura hood. The gearheads found a couple of hours to sit with the busiest man on Earth, Chip Foose, and talk everything from cars to cuisine, bikes to Brian’s fan fiction and everything in-between.

Please excuse the slight technical glitches in this episode. We were plagued by sun spot, aliens or perhaps an alternate-dimensional rift.

Chip Foose is the kind of a guy that defines what a hot rodder or car nut should be. He’s experienced not only a rich family history in the industry, but having made his mark in virtually every aspect of it; a true renaissance man of the car world if there ever was one.

We dig a bit deep, and find Chip to be not only the fascinating guest we had expected, but an unexpectedly open, passionate about his craft, and downright fun.


  • Humble beginnings
    – Working in his Dad’s shop
    – Customizing bikes
  • The AMT days
    – The Ala Kart
  • Alex Tremulis inspiration
  • Chip’s bicycle fixation
    – The hunt for original, pre-teen Foose-built Huffy customs
  • The bike caught in the midst of a legal battle
    Chip’s design ends up in bike lore limbo
  • Chip finds design at seven years of age
    – Chip’s Dad Sam inspires him via his art
    – Expressing the Foose look at eleven years of age
    – “If you can’t make it good, make it gaudy”
  • Chip Foose quote memes gone wild
  • Flush glass in a first-gen F-body
    – The first Pro-Touring car
  • The Engle Brothers find a way into the episode
  • Chip’s new ’67 C-10 project
    – Throwing ideas
  • The Imposter Impala
    – The sheer number of hours invested will floor you
    – Chip and Brian compare Ridler Great-8 notes
    – Chip’s keys to figuring proportion
    – Cutting up a brand-new Corvette
    – Airbag recall on a ’65 Impala?
    – Making a hot rod from a brand-new car
    – From driver to Ridler winner
    – The best/worst two-inch square determines the winner
  • On going 180-degrees from trendy
  • Pillows in the backseat
    – It sounds like a Tim McGraw song for a reason
  • Chip’s involvement with the Progeria Research Foundation
    – Chip’s sister Amy continues to inspire
    – The annual poker tournament/car show
    – John Stamos finds legend status among the Gearheads
    – Clinical trial progression
  • Life lessons at ten years old
    – Learning to respect
  • Chip’s first car
    – Inadvertently bought his sister’s car
  • The GTi and San Marcos Pass
  • The art of flipping cars
  • Overhaulin’ and over-workin’
    – Chip ruins the rendering game
  • On having zero time to build a SEMA car
    – Six weeks of work forty hours, sleep eight, repeat
    – The joys of sleeping on your feet
  • Swapping stories
  • Chip’s first day at Kindergarten
  • Disney and Cars Land
  • Chip’s favorite food at Art Center
  • Worst. Outro. Ever.

More information on the Progeria Research Foundation:

The Progeria Research Foundation website: www.progeriaresearch.org


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