Sixteen Minutes to Solvang: Chip Foose


Episode twenty goes all-out like a lacquer thinner-soaked rag on a fresh candy-painted Lamborghini Miura hood. The gearheads found a couple of hours to sit with the busiest man on Earth, Chip Foose, and talk everything from cars to cuisine, bikes to Brian’s fan fiction and everything in-between.

Please excuse the slight technical glitches in this episode. We were plagued by sun spot, aliens or perhaps an alternate-dimensional rift.

Chip Foose is the kind of a guy that defines what a hot rodder or car nut should be. He’s experienced not only a rich family history in the industry, but having made his mark in virtually every aspect of it; a true renaissance man of the car world if there ever was one.

We dig a bit deep, and find Chip to be not only the fascinating guest we had expected, but an unexpectedly open, passionate about his craft, and downright fun.


  • Humble beginnings
    – Working in his Dad’s shop
    – Customizing bikes
  • The AMT days
    – The Ala Kart
  • Alex Tremulis inspiration
  • Chip’s bicycle fixation
    – The hunt for original, pre-teen Foose-built Huffy customs
  • The bike caught in the midst of a legal battle
    Chip’s design ends up in bike lore limbo
  • Chip finds design at seven years of age
    – Chip’s Dad Sam inspires him via his art
    – Expressing the Foose look at eleven years of age
    – “If you can’t make it good, make it gaudy”
  • Chip Foose quote memes gone wild
  • Flush glass in a first-gen F-body
    – The first Pro-Touring car
  • The Engle Brothers find a way into the episode
  • Chip’s new ’67 C-10 project
    – Throwing ideas
  • The Imposter Impala
    – The sheer number of hours invested will floor you
    – Chip and Brian compare Ridler Great-8 notes
    – Chip’s keys to figuring proportion
    – Cutting up a brand-new Corvette
    – Airbag recall on a ’65 Impala?
    – Making a hot rod from a brand-new car
    – From driver to Ridler winner
    – The best/worst two-inch square determines the winner
  • On going 180-degrees from trendy
  • Pillows in the backseat
    – It sounds like a Tim McGraw song for a reason
  • Chip’s involvement with the Progeria Research Foundation
    – Chip’s sister Amy continues to inspire
    – The annual poker tournament/car show
    – John Stamos finds legend status among the Gearheads
    – Clinical trial progression
  • Life lessons at ten years old
    – Learning to respect
  • Chip’s first car
    – Inadvertently bought his sister’s car
  • The GTi and San Marcos Pass
  • The art of flipping cars
  • Overhaulin’ and over-workin’
    – Chip ruins the rendering game
  • On having zero time to build a SEMA car
    – Six weeks of work forty hours, sleep eight, repeat
    – The joys of sleeping on your feet
  • Swapping stories
  • Chip’s first day at Kindergarten
  • Disney and Cars Land
  • Chip’s favorite food at Art Center
  • Worst. Outro. Ever.

More information on the Progeria Research Foundation:

The Progeria Research Foundation website: www.progeriaresearch.org


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Brian Stupski


  1. Leo Schumaker
    October 16, 2018 at 2:56 pm — Reply

    Greetings, I enjoyed your podcast and will now subscribe. I also host a radio show and podcast it so I understand about the phone problems. I just moved from Santa Barbara, CA. where Chip was born and raised to Bellingham, WA. Bought a hot rod here (66 Pontiac Catalina with a outstanding paint job) and drive it every day I can. No garage/trailer queen for me. Keep up the good work. I’ll connect my podcast, Facebook@LeosBluesland to yours. Leo Schumaker

    • October 17, 2018 at 1:52 am — Reply

      Hi Leo! Thanks for listening, and especially for taking the time to leave a comment! Yeah, the pone/connection issue was a bear, but like all things, we learned a few things moving forward!
      We’d love to see your Pontiac, and will make it a point to drop in on your podcast, to. Always a pleasure to find something fresh to listen to, and we appreciate and will return the favor.
      HUGE thanks again, Leo! Stoked to know that you enjoy the show, and we hope that you’ll hang around as we grow.

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