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While it’s not technically like the old days of VHS, our podcast archive tapes are really just MP4’s on a video streaming channel. But that’s how technology works…  It just keeps moving forward and whatnot. We’ve been putting the episodes on our YouTube channel as well, so you now have a multitude of ways to absorb that Round Six Podcast content.

You’re welcome.

There’s a lot more over there, too, and we’d appreciate you liking, commenting and subscribing as well, if you’d be so nice as to help support this thing. Huge thanks in advance!

Not too much into the whole video thing? That’s cool, too. You can still catch the original audio podcast right here, as well. And for the full episode guide, just head over here and give ’em all a listen. We got you covered.

Episode Twelve: Scott Sullivan

The Gearheads take you back to the golden age of street machines, when sitting around in the garage and talking cars was the way to spend a Friday night in your acid-washed jeans. Episode twelve has Scott Sullivan, and 107% of your recommended daily allowance of rad times topped with Cheez Whiz.

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