Three and a Half Nuggets: Mike Alexander Brings the Sauce


Episode nineteen brings the inspiration and life lessons themes.

Mike Alexander is the Tim Ferriss of the automotive world.

He’s an example of inspiration, dedication and vision. A pioneer in the digital publishing world, he has moved seamlessly to manufacturing  some of the most ground-breaking air ride systems. Living proof that hard work pays dividends, he opens up about design, school and instinct. Along the way, he lays out a master plan for making it through work, work, work.

…and then we discuss nipples. Like you’d expect any less.


  • An awkward discussion glides seamlessly into a podcast
  • Starting with a letter to the Editor of MiniTruckin’ to land that first gig
    – Renting a car a twenty one and holding tripods
  • The humble beginnings of mini trucks and the lifestyle
    – “Second car poor” lifestyle
  • The constant shifting of magazine ownership
    – The “perfect 24”
  • The passion of building a brand
  • Self employment for better or worse
  • Shop names in hindsight
    – The value of projecting your business name on your future self
  • Starting early has value (and impresses Brian)
  • The digital revolution
    – The politics which prevented growth
    – Missing social media and more by twenty years
  • Plotting a future, post-magazine life
  • Rev’d Media, Slam’d Mag and a talent pool of incredible proportions
    – Deliberate quality standards
    – When Jalopnik doesn’t compare
    – The coffee table book of digital
  • The value and non-value of formal education
  • Knowing what to apply and when
    – Following your interests; pursuing what you love
  • Max and Brian’s metaphysical discussions serve as an example
  • NEVER giving up
  • Bring passionate enough to get mad at your passions
  • Balancing character with nervous energy
  • “Smile at hardship”
    – Working with struggle to forge character
    – Fight over flight every time


  • The podcast is not sponsored by a condom company
  • An absolutely terrifying Michael Jackson joke
    – Eric made us keep it
  • The small business-as-child metaphor
  • Creative brain equals no sleep
  • The value of compartmentalization
  • Koala bears and chlamydia
    – Dancing in a golden shower of bear urine
  • SEMA insight from every angle
    – Building a vehicle and the challenges presented
    – Cost vs ROI of booth space
  • Sponsorships revisited
    – Representing your sponsor product’s company through your creation
    – Responsibility weighs heavy
    – The importance of effort and how it reflects in all directions
    – “How you do anything is how you do everything”
    – Or “grip the banister with both cheeks”
    – Brian’s lack of a trigger
    – The value of spelling “sponsorship” correctly
    – Sponsorship is the pro-level of building
    – Trade-level value
  • Mike and Brian plot matching SEMA tattoos
  • FLO Airride Manufacturing!
    – A bespoke line of air ride systems
    – A unique compressor
    – Billet vs inferior materials
    – Addressing longevity through design


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