Life-Size Aunt Jemima: Song of the Hell’s Engles


On episode seventeen, David and Greg Engle of Engle Brothers Fabrication take time from their busy Instagram posting to hang out with the Gearheads and talk cars, life, family, being freakishly tall, and surprisingly, human anatomy.


  • A bizarre intro
  • When things go off of the rails
  • Getting started in the hot rod hobby
  • Family history with the Road Kings
    – Early chrome moly dragster chassis construction
  • Drag Week and Greg’s connection to it
  • Podcast Superhost, “Ludicrous Misnomer”
  • Greg reveals that he doesn’t like LS engines
  • Dave’s 8HP blown Olds
  • Alex’s dog falls asleep
  • Putting soul into a project
    – The importance of making things look timeless
    – Beauty is in the details
  • Shots fired on Greg’s wagon
  • Inspiration and where you find it
    – Art in every aspect of a build
    – Making the most of what’s on hand
  • The Danny D-painted kandy gasser stroller
  • The V8 go kart!
  • Greg’s old tool finds
    – A monster bred of necessity
    – Built to last
    – Estate sales and Craig’s list
    – Barry Manilow’s third mention on the podcast, but the first to evade editing
    – The value of purchasing used or old/antique tools when starting out
  • Being mentored by Rob Ida
    – Picking up things from everyone you admire
  • How Brad’s flip-phone Compu-Serve app failed him again
  • Return of the hot rod musical Tres Miserables
  • Dave questions why we had the brothers on
    – Brian hypothesizes that it’s the booze again
    – Alex argues that it was a lost bet
    – It all boils down to mutual enabling
  • The value of being unafraid of failure
  • Seeking out a mentor/guide


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